Kids Summer Sports Camp in the South of  Tenerife.

With the beginning of summer, many parents think about how their children could healthily spend their free time. Summer sports camp is an excellent opportunity to motivate children to a social and physical activity to generate interest in sport and a healthy lifestyle.
Sports center Tenerife Top Training on the island of Tenerife (in a quiet area of La Caleta near the tourist center of Las Americas.) This is the tenth year a sports camp, which focuses primarily on the physical development of kids. The Summer Camp takes place from 01 of July to 02 of August 2019.


The camp is for kids from 6 to 14 years.


The camp will take place in a quiet area of La Caleta in the south of Tenerife in Tenerife Top Training Sports Center.


Camp will take place from 01 July 2019 – 02 of August 2019.

Day Camp

Monday to Friday from 9:00 – 17:00.

  1. The camp is located in a quiet area of La Caleta in the south of Tenerife, making it easy to get to the destination.
  2. The camp is for kids from 6 to 14 years.
  3. To participate in the camp itself does not require any specialized knowledge and skills.
  4. Kids will have the opportunity to try out more than 20 kinds of sports.
  5. In addition to sports activities, there will be a great variety of games and contests.
  6. Instructors and counselors are specialists in Physical Education.

General Objectives

  • Aware oneself of the importance of physical activity for healthy habits, lifestyle and general wellbeing.
  • Enhance the necessary physical capacities due to the offered activities.
  • Develop creativity and imagination
  • Respect values such us: nature, community, generosity, empathy, solidarity, integration.
  • Learn and benefit from the different sports and recreation activities.
  • Learn to apply the acquired values in daily life.

Venue for sports camp is center Tenerife Top Training.

Tenerife Top Training is a modern sports center.

Is one of the best center in Europe. Every year here comes the world’s best athletes, as well as national teams and professional sportsman carrying out their training. T3 is situated in the south of Tenerife in a quiet area of La Caleta, in 10 minutes from the tourist center of Las Americas. The exceptionally mild climate with temperatures of 18-25 ° C provides optimal conditions for training and active time. T3 offers a wide choice of sports facilities.
  • 1 x Outdoor pool, with 10 lines.
  • 25 meters with 6 lanes.
  • Running Track.
  • 5 padel courts.
  • 2 clay and one hard tennis courts.
  • 2 squash courts.
  • Indoor gym.
  • Open-air gym.
  • 2 Natural grass pitches.
  • 2 beach volleyball courts.
  • High-tech flume channel.
  • Artificial pitch.

The camp program

The camp program is designed by experienced coaches who have the appropriate education and years of experience, the program includes training sessions and a variety of sports such as tennis, paddle tennis, squash, football, volleyball, swimming, water polo, gymnastics, athletics, and many others. Training takes place in a playful way, so your kids won’t be bored. There is no bias in any single sport. Children have the opportunity to try out more than 20 types of it. They have an opportunity to make a choice of a type of sport that they would like to practice particularly in the future. If your kid was not practicing any kind of sport, he will receive strong basic skills that can develop later. But if the kid is actively engaged in any type of sport, so the camp will help him to keep it fit. Below you can see a partial list of sporting events that await those kids, who will be at the summer sports camp.
Paddle tennis
Swimming lessons
Sports Games

When and how it goes?

Sports camp takes place from 01 of July to 02 of August 2019, from Monday till Friday. We do not provide overnight. Parents bring their kids at 9:00 and pick them up at 17:00.

Children are divided into groups based on age, approximately 15-25 participants per 1 trainer. Children are supervised at all time.

A catering company supplies us with food once per day, this  includes a main course of meat or fish, vegetables and fruits. Also, we give them brunch time

Who are the coaches?


Ulises Rodia Mejías del Castillo was born in Tenerife in 1985. He played soccer from 7 to 18 Years. At the moment devoted himself to study Teaching Physical Education at the University of La Laguna. Later, he continued his studies in the Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport at the University of La Laguna and Granada. Completing his education with a Master of Research in Sport and Physical Activity at the University of Malaga and he is a University Expert in Physical Activity and Nutrition by the UNED.

He is a national triathlon coach and specialist in endurance sports. He trains to amateur athletes, especially triathletes and is the physical trainer of CD San Lorenzo football.

His hobbies are practicing triathlon, traveling and live music.

  • Master specialization in physical education
  • M.Sc. in physical activity and sports
  • Degree in sports science and physical activity
  • Expert in nutritional sciences
  • National trainer of triathlon and personal training
  • Sports monitor: field of swimming and triathlon
  • Responsible for the summer sports camp and the swimming tests for Polar
  • Water activities
  • Resistance Sports Training
Participation in the summer camp is not just a sport and an active lifestyle. But it is also teamwork, discipline, overcoming difficulties and achievement of own purposes. Every year the Sports camp in Tenerife Top Training is gaining more popularity and increase the number of participants.
Give your children an unforgettable summer vacation!